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    Your Travel Pal, A New Travel Perspective! Posted on 19 Nov 12:36

    Palestinian by blood, Jordanian by passport, born in Kuwait & raised in Egypt, Hussein El-Terawy, a travel guru who visited 63 cities, Founder & CEO at YourTravelPAL, inspiring many travelers & adventurers around the world.

    9 Tips to Choose Your Seat for Your Next Flight Posted on 02 Aug 16:38

    We all love traveling, but the moment someone speaks about the plane, some of us just get a stomachache. Not only because some are phobic, but rather because this word brings some bad moments and memories to our minds. We have all probably had bad times on a plane: babies crying all the time, children hitting your seat while playing, a guest dropping a drink on your pants and a lot more making the experience unpleasant .

    8 Things for a Perfect Back-To-School Checklist Posted on 29 Jul 17:19

    The beginning of new school year is the one of the most thrilling & challenging periods for the parents, while the kids might be worried of the unknown if it’s their first year, or excited about new friends and new teachers, parents end up stuck with the to-do list of tasks to get the kids ready for school.

    12 School Bags Designs For Back-To-School Season Posted on 28 Jul 15:04

    The coolest bags designs for the back-to-school season. Kids will love JanSport Egypt collection, available now online!

    Head to the airport without applying for a visa! Posted on 09 Jul 09:59

    Tour the world: Europe, Asia, Africa & the Americas without a visa. Discover the world & learn about the different countries that are hassle free, forget about the visas & the embassies, just pack & go!

    33 Travel Tips That Will Change the Way You Used to Pack Posted on 10 Feb 17:07

    Some travel tips by JanSport Egypt that will definitely change the way you used to pack & plan your trip. Go for the adventure & pack it the right way.

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