12 School Bags Designs For Back-To-School Season
Posted on 28 Jul 15:04

Most school supplies are disposable and some school provide checklists for the parents to buy. Notebooks, pens, and pencils will have served their purpose before the first term is up, and you will definitely have to buy them monthly (for some kids, it’s almost weekly). A backpack, on the other hand, is an investment. Your purchase should be based not on trends, but on quality. Durable meets adorable with JanSport, the designs that kids choose for their back-to-school season are here.
JanSport Egypt has an awesome new collection, with amazing designs, prints & stripes. Let’s see a sneak peek and you can then shop online!


  1. The Floral Flourish

Who doesn’t love flowers? Let your kids bloom in style and get them to rock every day on their way to school. Get it online now here

 JanSport Egypt Superbreak Backpack

  1. Donuts Lovers

For donuts biggest fans, if you don’t want to give your children a donut every day, let them have it printed for good! Shop online now.


  1. Watercolor Spots

The design that boys & girls adore. This can match any school uniform and will look catchy and lovely! Shop online now.

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  1. Hugs & Kisses

XOXO. A million kisses & hugs that will last forever with your child. Get it online now here

  1. Multicolor MixTapes

Children nowadays probably haven’t heard about mixtapes. Let them go retro, other children will probably want to know what is this weird thing printed on it! Get it online now here!


  1. Junk Foodie

“Mum, I want junk food today”

“You already have on your back, sweetie!”

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  1. Yankee Doodle

Looks fresh and colorful. A great design for everyone. Get it online now.



  1. Lucky Daisy

Great & convenient. Wheeled for those who love to push & pull!

Buy the wheeled backpack now.


  1. Purple Flowery

One of the original backpacks’ designs. The colors and prints make it awesome. Get it now online.


10. Multi Double Cheese Please

Yummy! Looks real & fabulous. Shop online now.

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11. Plush Lips

Well, this one is amazing and features pink & purple lipsticks. Kiss your girl. Shop online now.


12. Laguna Beach

Because summer can’t just last forever, this Laguna Beach will. Shop online now.

Buy JanSport Egypt High Stakes Backpack Online

Happy back to school season to all the parents and students out there! Visit www.jansportegypt.com for more designs! You will also find some school accessories here.