8 Things for a Perfect Back-To-School Checklist Posted on 29 Jul 17:19


The beginning of new school year is the one of the most thrilling & challenging periods for the parents, while the kids might be worried of the unknown if it’s their first year, or excited about new friends and new teachers, parents end up stuck with the to-do list of tasks to get the kids ready for school.


Here are JanSport Egypt back-to-school checklist that might help you organize yourselves!


  1. Buy their school supplies

This differs for every age, but it includes crayons, erasers, sharpeners, highlighter, correctors, binder divider, scissors, glue, ruler and a calculator. We know this list is infinite! All these tools needs a perfect pouch, which you can buy online here!


  1. Plan the snacks

Start thinking about the new simple, yet healthy, snacks you might want your child to have. Make sure these snacks are planned about different seasons. Make it special and looking yummy!



  1. Get a lunch box

This is necessary, because if you don’t get them, the food can’t live for long. Get freezer packs if your meal needs it.



  1. School Uniform

Make sure to include change of clothes for spills or accidents, art smocks, sports outfit.



  1. Hygiene, hygiene & hygiene please!

Get a stock of packaged hand wipes (it’s a good idea to slip them into lunch boxes for wiping dirty hands before snack time), pocket tissue packs, hand sanitizer and some first aid tools.


  1. Buy The Backpack

You can’t forget this. Where would you want to pack all these things? Check out some cool designs your kids might love here.



  1. Drink container

Always send two: one for the cool water, and another for some juice or smoothie to energize their day.


  1. Start early bedtime from now!

Kids will not be able to shift to early bedtime if you don’t plan it now. Start doing this gradually so that they don’t hate school.