9 Tips to Choose Your Seat for Your Next Flight
Posted on 02 Aug 16:38


We all love traveling, but the moment someone speaks about the plane, some of us just get a stomachache. Not only because some are phobic, but rather because this word brings some bad moments and memories to our minds. We have all probably had bad times on a plane: babies crying all the time, children hitting your seat while playing, a guest dropping a drink on your pants and a lot more making the experience unpleasant.

JanSport Egypt thought it could help make the experience a little bit more comfortable for you, through some tips & tricks that might help you avoid those cramped undersized seats on airplanes, unless you can pay for a first class seat, you won’t probably need much help!

No! That's not what we're talking about.

Here's how to make sure you get the most bearable seat possible.

  1. Reserve your ticket directly with the airlines, preferably online!

This will get you entitled to seat selection, but other third-party sites will not allow you to do this. You might want to check Expedia or CheapOAir for cheap flights, then go directly to the airline website on which you found the cheapest ticket.

  1. Book your flight as early as possible

The earlier, the better. You will probably find more seats available to choose from, otherwise, if you have a last-minute ticket, you will enjoy a middle seat, and nobody could ever tell who you will be stuck in between.


  1. Try SeatGuru

This is a website that has a seating map for every single flight in the world, all you have to do is filling your flight details and check the seating chart out that will pop up to you. This is a free consultation to find the seat with the most legroom. It’s not only limited to this, but they also give you tips on which rows of seat that do not recline and those seats closest to the bathroom (this is extremely important for long distance flights)

  1. Like a pro!

It’s up to you to choose aisle or window seats: some of us choose the window to enjoy the view, other choose aisle because they like to go for a short walk every now and then. Remember, if you are flying at night, the window seat is probably not the perfect choice. Aisle seats, however, can be a little annoying when it’s meal time, because the trolley can keep bumping into your hands.


  1. Lifehack tip

We all know that the middle seat is the worst choice. But, this could be your lucky day if you’re flying with a friend or partner: choose the aisle and window seats, yes you choose not to be next to each other, but there’s a good chance that this seat remains empty and you will enjoy the whole row for yourselves. And even if there is someone in the middle, they'll likely be more than happy to switch with one of you as no one wants to sit in the middle seat. 

  1. Pay for it when it’s worth it

Some airlines charge more for premium seats. Costs can vary, but if it's only another 300EGP for significantly more room and you're taking a long distance flight, it's probably worth paying for more space. But if it's exceeding 1000EGP for a two-hour flight, it may not be worth it, toughen up!


  1. Ask at the gate if an exit seat is vacant

Airlines hold those seats for qualified fliers only: 16 years old or over, willing and able to help in an emergency & speak the language of the flight. If you head to the airport early enough and you’re a qualified flier, you might have this seat, which has the most legroom!

  1. Wait for a bulkhead row

This is the row behind the cabin wall, which has more legroom than anywhere else. It’s usually reserved to accommodate families with infants or young children. You can request this seat if there’re no qualified families for this space.

  1. Frequent flier? This could help

Show your loyalty card at the counter, this might be your lucky day, because the gate agent might just upgrade you to the business class. This sometimes happens when the economy seats are all full and with a waiting list, while the business class seats are vacant.


Have a safe trip!